Lotto vs Online Casinos

People engage in lottery games, day in day out. On the other hand, a bunch of people spends most of their times playing casino games such as Football Star, Treasure Nile or Jurassic World slot machines. These fun games have become so popular you can now find them available with any online casinos. If you are tempted too but are not familiar with online casinos and want to learn more you can visit and read reviews about the best online casinos. Though, have you ever thought of the differences between lottery games and casino games? As much as they may add up to what we call gambling there are some differences that you may need to consider before making a decision to engage on either. Winning in both events may not be as well easy so making decisions depending on the chance of winnings may not be a good decision. Below are some of the comparisons between casino games and lottery games.

Compare edges between the two
When comparing between the two, most lottery games have a high edge as compared to casino games. When most of the major lottery games have their edges standing at 40 to 60 percent, edges for most popular casino games is less than five percent. So the difference is quite visible between the two since casino edges are almost 10 times low compared to lottery games. Some of the casino games with lowest edges include craps and blackjack registering edges between 1 to 3 percent.

Gambling and your social life
You will agree with me, gambling or no gambling, your social life is equally important. Between the two gambling activities, your social life may be affected as well. As opposed to many lottery games where you only need to go and pick a ticket and play, the casino is a social affair. Many people crowd casino bases and play where they usually interact and play. Depending on the type of personality you are, you will make your choice. If you go to the casino, you are a social person but if your personal life matters the most, a lottery would be the best choice for you.

What about jackpots?
For many, they consider gambling a success when they win millions of money. In this case, many play these games over and over again using their small winnings as an investment towards winning huge lots of money. Many have the mentality that it is only lottery games that have jackpot winnings. What many may not know, casinos have jackpots too. So if your ambition is winning huge monies, you need not shy from engaging in casino games. Winning jackpots and mega jackpots in lottery games is not an easy task and the same is true when it comes to casino games as well. However, online casinos offer several jackpots like progressive ones you can win on different machines such as the slots; Mega Moolah, Treasure Nile and many more. For more information, we recommend you to take a quick look at and you will get more details and reviews on the best online casinos currently available.

Casino or lottery, it all adds up to gambling. All you need to know is that your life can change from engaging in these activities. Always make an informed decision before embarking on either of this activity. However, just make boundaries between your private life and your gambling activities. Reckless engagement in these activities may make you end up a frustrated person. It is imperative to note that, gambling should not be your primary source of income. So don’t invest all your hard earned money in casino and lottery games because you may be on the losing side.

However just be trying your lack now and then because who knows, you may be the next millionaire in the town.